Website copywriting


You have probably already hired a designer and maybe even a photographer to take some beautiful images. Behind the scenes, a clever developer is building your site.  

Without a doubt, a good looking website is key. But do you know what is even more important? Powerful words. Because no one is going to stay on your site if it just looks pretty.

Why work with me?

  • Write engaging, personality-driven and on-brand content that will not only have your audience reading your web pages but staying on them long enough to ‘click here’ or ‘add to cart’. Basically, my words will propel your visitors to take action.

  • Construct words that are search engine optimised (SEO). This means they are also Google friendly and will help your site attract the right people. As part of my website package, I spend lots of time doing keyword research so that your site is sprinkled with all the right words to get you the attention you deserve. 


It is nearly impossible to give you a set price without knowing the specific details of your project, but my tier-1 web package starts from $1,499 for 5 basic pages.


Ready to reach your business goals? Let’s get the ball rolling.