How I work


I know from personal experience how daunting it can be to kickstart a new project, so I have made my copywriting process as simple and straightforward as can be. Of course, every project is unique, but here is the general route we take together.

Step 1: Scoping phase

Once I receive your enquiry, I’ll send you through a really simple creative brief. It is the ready reckoner I use when I'm writing your copy, so I try and extract as much information as possible at this early stage.
This creative brief answers all the important questions regarding the job you have in mind and helps me to provide a thorough proposal. During this phase, we will clear up exactly what it is you want, why your business is unique and who your target audience is.
My brief is a simple pro-forma but I’m happy to help you fill it out if you are feeling overwhelmed. 
I also like to chat with you over the phone, via email or on Zoom as part of this discovery phase.


Step 2: proposal

Synthesising all the information I’ve garnered from your brief, and from our initial scoping session, I will then pull together a proposal, which outlines the scope (the specific details and what I will deliver), pricing and timing of your project.
If you're happy with the proposal, I’ll send through a contract and ask you to make a partial payment (50%).
Then we'll work together to bed down a tone of voice that best represents your brand’s personality. I have a straightforward tone of voice guide to help you.


step 3: research and copy time

As soon as I receive the deposit, I’ll get started on the research and copywriting. During the research phase, I deep-dive into your business and your audience. This includes auditing your current website (if you have one), your competitors’ websites, and lots of consultation and thorough keyword research to ensure your brand gets noticed by Google.


Step 4: Reviewing the copy

Depending on the size of the project, sometimes I send you through an initial piece for review (for example, the homepage of a website) to ensure the tone and style is what you are after.
Otherwise, I quietly chip away at all of the copy and send it through to you for review. 
My rates include up to two amends, so I’m all yours until the brief is nailed.