Want to know how this Melbourne copywriter can help your business to shine?

You’ve got a brilliant product or a brand new service that you want the world to know about. But how exactly do you shout it from the metaphorical rooftop? It’s simple - you engage a copywriter. More specifically, this Melbourne copywriter.

Good copywriting basically connects the dots between what you are offering and the best ways to sell it to your target audience. It’s my job to get inside your head (get to know your brand), but also that of your audience (the people who matter), and then write words that showcase how your product will benefit them. 

Why work with me?

  • I work with you to nail the exact angle and tone of your brand.

  • I take a deep dive into your product/service and come up for air with a resolute idea of how it is unique and what problem it is going to solve.

  • I get to know your clients or customers. This includes their preferences, values and how they like to engage. I do tonnes of research and then synthethise it all in the messages I craft.

Here is a taste of some, but not all of the copywriting services that I offer:

  • Website content

  • Blog posts

  • Media releases

  • Real Estate sales copy

  • Email newsletters

  • Product descriptions

  • Sales emails

  • Brochures

  • Advertisements

  • Content for social media

  • Taglines

  • Corporate papers, histories and reports

  • Company profiles

  • Feature articles

Want to know more? Here’s the nitty gritty on some of my most popular services and packages.

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| Real estate copywriting | Proofreading & editing |