Blog & Content copywriting


Want to know how to get your readers to connect with your brand? Content. It’s giving them something to read that they will find valuable or interesting, which is why great content is so important.  Rather than selling yourself or pushing a new product, content helps you to form strong connections with your customers by offering them something useful.  It helps to build trust, so they grow to like you and consider you the authority in the space in which you operate.

Why work with me?

  • I research fresh ideas and themes that will engage and ultimately inspire your visitors.

  • I come up with crafty content that keeps the search engines on your side. This includes SEO content and backlinks to high yielding websites.

  • I convert tricky topics into palatable prose that will keep your audience enthused about your brand.

  • I curate questions, conduct & write up interviews that help to build your profile.


Get in touch to chat specifics, but as an example, blogs start from $400, with discounts for bundles of 5 or 10.