Let me introduce myself. I’m Jaclyn Paltos, the face behind Tumbleword.

It's no major surprise that I ended up in a job where I am surrounded by words. As a child I pored over word games, created my very own Dewey Decimel system and was obsessed with palindromes (civic was my favourite). Boggle was my jam and sneaky reading of books past bedtime was my norm.

I started off as a high school English teacher and while I loved sharing my passion with eager students I yearned to be doing the actual writing, not correcting it, so I took my first professional leap and started writing for government in the social justice space.

Fast forward a decade later (and 1,725 Ministerial briefings, government projects and parliamentary questions later) to when Tumbleword was born. This third baby of mine has hit the professional nail on the head, indulging my love of all things lexical with a level of flexibility and creativity that I relish.

I've worked extensively on print and web projects for a motley crew of clients and have had my work published on various digital and print platforms including The Age, Good Food and Broadsheet. I’ve also created content for big brands like SEEK, Monash University and HESTA as well as smaller players paving their creative paths.

I love nothing more than receiving an ‘I love it’ email from my clients and knowing I have helped their business grow in exciting ways.

And all these years later, I still get a buzz seeing my name in virtual lights - a beautiful reminder that I am living out my lifelong dream.