I’m a Melbourne copywriter and content writer and I specialise
in relatable and plain English copy.


Just like your brand story, Tumbleword has a long back story that has helped to shape the words I write and the way I work. It’s grown from a daydream to a side hustle and now a fully-fledged entity of its own.

My brand story

I’m Jaclyn, director and chief copywriter at Tumbleword.

It's no major surprise I ended up as a copywriter. As a child I pored over word games, created my very own Dewey Decimal System and was obsessed with palindromes (civic was my favourite).  

I actually started my career as a high school English teacher but yearned to be doing the writing, not correcting it, so I took my first professional leap and started writing for government in the social justice space.

Fast forward a decade (and too many government briefings to mention) and Tumbleword was born. Delivering this third baby of mine took some interesting twists and turns, but I firmly believe these speed bumps made me the intuitive and hardworking copywriter I am.

Since starting Tumbleword, I've worked extensively on print and web projects for a motley crew of clients and have had my work published on various digital and print platforms including The Age, Good Food and Broadsheet. I’ve also created content for big brands like SEEK, Monash University and HESTA as well as smaller players paving their creative paths.

So, what’s the thing I love most about copywriting?

It’s being able to bring life to the clever ideas that you may have but cannot quite articulate. It’s being able to support your business to connect with the people that matter and play a small part in helping you, and your brand to thrive.

What do you get when you work with me?

My experience in education and government has given me a solid foundation in writing relatable and plain English. I write words for words sake and pare language back to make it interesting and engaging. My work is not too salesy, if you know what I mean.

As a generalist copywriter, I am a queen bee researcher. One day I am madly googling the new Privacy Act and the next I am writing an e-newsletter on walking tours in Europe. It is this variety that keeps me on my toes and my copy interesting. I make it my goal to immerse myself in your world – getting to know your business and your clientele. I’ll ask lots of questions and make you think really hard about what you want to achieve, but I promise, the results are always worth it.

Completing a writer’s course through the Australian Writers Centre has helped me to refine my skills, plus I’m a member of the Clever Copywriting School, so I’m constantly upskilling and learning new copywriting tricks.

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